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Violin Fingering Flashcards:
First and Third Positions


Sets of 32 Flashcards for first position, 16 Flashcards for third position. Each flashcard shows a note on the staff on the front with note name, string location and finger number on the back.


Use during lessons or for individual practice to teach or review notes learned. Teach finger-numbers only, note-names only, or both.


Flashcards are printed on heavy semi-gloss perforated text stock and measure 2-3/4" tall by 2-1/8" wide. Your cards will be separated at the perforations and packaged in a small clear recloseable bag. USPS First Class mailing included in price.


First position: Notes on all four strings with all accidentals (32 cards). Fourth finger/open string options shown. Sharps/flats next to notes, not in key signature. High and Low fingers marked with arrows.

$5.75 / includes shipping


Third position: Natural notes on all four strings (16 cards). The most common accidental sign(s) for each note are listed below the note (key signatures up to four sharps and flats).


$4.75 / includes shipping




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