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Tools for Every Music Teacher

These teaching accessories will make giving and taking instruction more fun! Developed by a music teacher, for music teachers. 

Tempo Ladder Sticky Notes


    Help students harness the power of their metronome when practicing. These removable sticky notes can move students from today's tempo to next week's, and beyond. Start at the bottom with the metronome marking where the student can comfortably play a selection. At the top of the ladder, write the goal tempo. Each rung is for a slightly faster metronome setting. (Suggestion: increase by 3-4 bpm at a time when under mm=100, and by 4-6 bpm when over 100.) Check off the rungs as each tempo is achieved. Space is provided for additional teaching notes such as music title, page number, measure numbers etc. Notes measure 2-7/8" square. 50 notes per pad.



Tempo "Speed Limit" Stickers


    For students who need a visual reminder to SLOW DOWN! Fill in the top metronome speed for practicing or performance and stick right onto the music. Removable stickers won't damage music.

        >36 Small stickers, 1/2" by 3/4" (relative size pictured above)

        >20 Large stickers, 3/4" by 1"


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